You will be informed of Heritage’s Snow Day Schedule by email, Facebook, and a phone call from a staff person by 6:30 a.m. You can check the Facebook page for Heritage Elementary Williams Campus. We will NOT necessarily be following Williams Schools’ snow schedule.

You may also listen to the local radio or TV stations:

  • KAFF-FM 92.9
  • KWMX-FM 96.7
  • KFLX-FM 97.1
  • KSED-FM 107.5
  • KAFF-AM 930

This weather-based decision is made by the information we get from the National Weather Bureau, Flagstaff Airport, Dept. of Public Safety, Williams Police Dept., and Coconino County.

There are three scenarios for inclement weather

Option 1

Cancel school – a Snow Day

Option 2

Delay school by two hours (10:00 a.m.), with normal release time

  • THERE WILL BE KIDS CLUB STARTING AT 7:00 a.m. – come to the front building
  • The van schedule will be two hours behind schedule

Option 3

Follow regular School Day schedule – THERE WILL NOT BE A PHONE CALL

Please allow at least an additional 10 minutes for van delays due to ice and snow and slower travel.

For the south side of town neighborhood, for pick up and drop off south of Grant, when there is heavy accumulation of snow, ice, and snow piles in the middle of the streets, the van stops will all be on Grant and your cross street.

The safety of your children is a priority. The van will drive at a speed that is safe, no matter what the van schedule is. Thank you for your assistance and patience.

Ms. Kaytie Thies, Principal