When it comes to learning the details of language, math or science, there is no reason why your children should look at this as a chore. Creating a grammar wall at home is an opportunity to make learning more like a favorite game. Here are some artistic and exciting ways to get started.

Make it Age-Appropriate

Start with words your child uses often. Using common words will help them feel less overwhelmed. Gradually start adding a few words a week that are at their grade level and connects to what they are learning in school. If your student likes a science class or dinosaurs, you can add different words to their board that will get them thinking about those topics. Check out Arizona’s Department of Education Education Standards to help you and your child get started on choosing the kind of grammar wall you would like to make.

Make it Colorful

Make your grammar board fun by incorporating colors. Create a standard parts of speech wall to show the eight parts of speech. Make each part a different color. Once they understand what each part of speech does, they can associate them with colors, helping them remember the rules of speech. Not only will they learn how to use those properly in a sentence, it will also make them feel like the star of their class!

Dealing with Difficult Subjects

Each child has their own special gifts. For some children it’s math, others it’s science, and for some it may be language arts. Just because they already understand the subject matter, doesn’t mean you should shy away from encouraging them to learn more. If your student likes science, try to create an element table that will stimulate them. It may encourage them to learn what elements are all around us. If they have a challenge with science start out slowly explaining what the elements are on the table, one at a time, the easiest to grasp, first, until they have conquered it all!

Have Fun Creating Your Grammar Wall

The best part of the grammar wall is putting it together. Your child can pick out their favorite colors for the background, choose the pens, pencils, construction paper or whiteboards that make it their own. Grammar walls are a great way to spend time together and get excited about learning. Go to any of the links provided to get ideas on how you can create an amazing grammar wall with your child this semester. Have fun!