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Why Choose Heritage Elementary School?

Heritage Elementary School Williams is building a solid foundation for every child, with excellence in academics and an exemplary attendance record.

Enrollment is first come, first served. A waitlist will be created upon a class reaching capacity. Tours are optional but encouraged. To schedule a tour, please contact the front office by calling (928) 635-3998

For parent information, campus guidelines, curriculum, and student conduct & expectation, CLICK HERE to view our campus handbook.

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We appreciate that you’ve chosen Heritage Elementary School Williams for your child. You’ll need to have your snapcode before re-registering your student online.

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Please review the Student Enrollment Information section below if you have any questions or feel free to email our Registrar.


Our schools pride themselves on academic excellence through parent partnerships, character education and exemplary attendance. Any specific questions about enrollment can be answered immediately by the school registrar.

  • Enrollment

    Enrollment is completed online. New parents will need to create an account in InfoSnap after clicking on the registration button. Returning parents will receive a snap code to register in InfoSnap. Students are enrolled once they complete the online form. Upon completion of your enrollment, you will be contacted by the school registrar to complete the registration process. Once a class fills, parents will be notified, and students placed on a waiting list. If the online enrollment is not available, please call or come to the front office and we will help you enroll immediately.

  • Visiting

    We know you will fall in love with our schools once you see them. Parents of enrolled students and parents who wish to enroll their children are encouraged to visit, tour and observe classrooms. We encourage parents thinking about enrolling to call our front office to schedule a tour and a visit!

  • Attendance

    We depend on parents to ensure that children attend school every day and arrive on time. School attendance is very important in children’s education. Missing school affects students’ grades, social skills, and confidence.

  • Tardiness

    Students are tardy if they are not seated when school starts. Parents will need to sign tardy students in when they arrive to school. Please park your car and come to the front office when you and your students arrive anytime after the start of school.

  • Truancy

    Attendance officers may talk to parents about legal consequences of truancy. If students are excessively absent, parents and students may be cited and referred to the court. Students are habitually truant if they have five or more unexcused absences. Students are excessively absent if they are absent more than 10% of the days they are in school.

  • Student Education Records

    Parents have the right to inspect and review all education records, and all other rights guaranteed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. For more information on how to access these records, contact your registrar.

  • Rights of Homeless Students

    Our schools provide an educational environment that treats all students with dignity and respect. Every homeless student shall have access to the same free and appropriate educational opportunities as students who are not homeless. This commitment to the educational rights of homeless children, youth, and unaccompanied youth, applies to all services, programs, and activities provided.

    A student may be considered eligible for services as a “Homeless Child or Youth” under the McKinneyVento Homeless Assistance Act if he or she is presently living:

    • In a shelter, temporary shared housing, or transitional living program
    • In a hotel/motel, campground, or similar situation due to lack of alternatives
    • At a bus station, park, car, or abandoned building

    According to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act, eligible students have rights to:

    • Immediate enrollment: Documentation and immunization records cannot serve as a barrier to the enrollment in school.
    • Remain enrolled in his/her selected school for the duration of homelessness, and until the end of the academic year upon which they are permanently housed.
    • Participate in programs for which they are eligible, including Title I, National School Lunch Program, etc.
    • Transportation Services: A McKinney-Vento eligible student attending his/her School of Origin has a right to transportation to and from the School of Origin.
    • Dispute Resolution: If you disagree with school officials about enrollment, transportation, or fair treatment of a homeless child or youth, you may file a complaint with the school district. The school district must respond and attempt to resolve it quickly. During the dispute, the student must be immediately enrolled in the school and provided transportation until the matter is resolved. The Homeless Liaison will assist you in making decisions, providing notice of any appeal process, and filling out dispute forms.

    For more information, refer to
    https://www.azed.gov/populations-projects/home/homeless/ or contact:

    State Coordinator for Homeless & Refugee Education
    Arizona Department of Education
    1535 W. Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

  • Student Handbooks and Behavior Guidelines

    At the beginning of the school year, your child will receive a student handbook that outlines classroom and school rules, and student behavior expectations. Students and parents will be required to sign a statement of awareness. The school’s handbook should be discussed between the parent and the student before school begins. It is important that the school, the student and the families work together to ensure every students success.

  • Uniforms

    All of our students wear uniforms every day. It is our philosophy that uniforms create a family atmosphere, increase safety, create easy mornings for families and encourage professionalism in academics. Students are expected to be in uniform upon arriving to school each morning. Uniform shirts are available for sale in the front office. There are a variety of spirit weeks and opportunities for dressing down. Our student handbook lists the appropriate dress code expected for non-uniform days. These days will be well communicated ahead of time to families. Please have your student dressed in a uniform each day.

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