There are several holidays that kids love, and one of their favorites doesn’t even include a day off from school. While they may love the parades and fireworks on the Fourth of July; and they certainly love the decorations and excitement surrounding the end-of-year holidays; and they may even love all the good food and getting together with friends and family at Thanksgiving.

There is, however, no holiday more kid-centric than Halloween. Oh sure, many non-kids like to get in on the Halloween action, but they are interlopers … intruders … on this kids’ holiday.

The best thing about Halloween, of course, is the candy and other goodies that kids get for dressing up in the costume of their choice. The entire day revolves around kids getting free candy based solely on the fact that it’s Halloween and what could possibly be better than that?

But, as October moves towards its big finish on the 31st, what can be done to help impatient kids get through this month? Parents can start making Halloween snacks for their children, and let the kids help. Youngsters love helping make Halloween-themed food and we’ve found some great websites that provide plenty of kid-friendly treats that are fun to make and even more fun to eat.

Chelsea’s Messy Apron shows how to make witch’s hats and broomsticks, monster eyeballs, and bats made from Reese’s and Oreos. The best part is each recipe has just four ingredients.

Picture 1

Self-Proclaimed Foodie has some great-looking monster cookies that take a bit more time—1 hour and 15 minutes—and only makes nine cookies, but they are so cool looking, you’ll want to make a few batches.

Picture 2

Fork and Beans has a treat for the more health conscious. Using apples, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and sunflower butter, this good-for-you snack will still manage to frighten kids.

Better Homes and Gardens has an easy to make treat that uses only marshmallows, fondant, and decorating gel, but will allow kids stretch their decorating imaginations.

Picture 4

Today’s Parent online shows how to create these Marshmallow-and-Pretzel Skeleton Cupcakes. Just make sure no one eats the pipe cleaners.

Picture 5

One Little Project at a Time has a treat that’s easy to make because the hard part has already done by someone else! They’re Monster Donuts, and they just require decorating. (Make sure kids don’t eat the plastic glow-in-the-dark teeth!)

Picture 6

BBC’s Good Food has a scary and nutritious treat with Frozen Banana Ghosts, made with white chocolate and coconut.

Picture 7

Delish has some great ideas for serving a Halloween dinner to the family, from appetizers to desserts, and they’re all frighteningly easy like these Ghost Pizza Bagels.

Picture 8

Allrecipe’s Chef John provides us with a Face Pie…perhaps the scariest looking Halloween food of all. It’s a savory meat pie containing ground beef and pork, potatoes, and spices, but it’s what’s outside that’ll keep kids up at night. Maybe if kids help you create the face, it won’t be quite so frightening for them.

Picture 9

What’s your own personal favorite Halloween-themed food? What do your kids enjoy helping to create? Have you ever surprised them with a Halloween-decorated food in their box lunch? Let us know! Share your ideas in the comment section below.