The first week of summer is glorious. Sleeping in…waking up to days of pure laziness…seeing a friend or two…maybe having an awesome slumber party. Then you call it a day…wake up again and repeat all of this…over and over.

For some, by the third or fourth week, boredom settles in. Laziness just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Your friends are busy or away at their grandparents’ house. You’ve gotten enough sleep and have simply run out of entertainment.

Shake this thought out of your head! There’s a world of activity out there. Seize the days and see what grabs your attention. Below are just five ideas we found to help our Heritage Williams families turn lazy days into unique Northern Arizona experiences and a summer full of fun memories.

  1. Take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway.
  2. Experience Bearizona Wildlife Park.
  3. Check out books from the Williams Library.
  4. Take advantage of free swim times at the Williams Aquatic Center…better yet, get outdoors and swim in nearby Oak Creek Canyon.
  5. Make the trek to the Grand Canyon and let everyone know you’ve seen one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

There are so many summer adventures out there waiting to be explored. And they’re all very close to where you live. Summer is the perfect time for discovering new things. Imagine the biology and geography facts you’ll collect while visiting the Grand Canyon. Think of the places you can go when you get into thrill-seeking novels. The possibilities of making your break the best it can be are all up to you. Keep your education skills sharp and fine-tuned while having fun, and enjoy our beautiful Ponderosa pine atmosphere while you’re at it!