October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. This is the perfect time for all of us—students, teachers and parents—to be more aware of current efforts to reduce and prevent bullying. Our character trait for October is respect, making this issue even timelier. For the whole month, campus-wide, we will be having special activities centered on standing up to bullying and creating a hate-free atmosphere.

Each morning, our students arrive on campus bringing a day full of new learning opportunities and experiences. We strive to make our campus an environment where nice prevails and student-to-student bullying comes to an end. Everyone is guided by of our six pillars of character each day and thus, encouraged to show kindness and respect for each other. This is important to achieving our goal of creating and maintaining a bully-free campus, through October and beyond.

Let’s all start our days with these thoughts and watch for positive results:

  1. Today, I will stand up for someone.
  2. I will support my peers, even on their bad days.
  3. I will accept everyone as equals.
  4. I will be myself and let others be themselves.
  5. I will not put anyone down.

Join us this month as we gang up for good and foster a friendly, bully-free school year.