Have you been to the library lately? The teachers and staff at Heritage are focused on the importance of preparing for AIMS testing as well as honing students’ skills in math and reading. This can extend to non-school hours, too! Local libraries are a great resource for parents and students in both regards.

According to a new study from the Pew Research Internet Project, 30% of Americans aged 16 and older often go to the public library and nearly 40% go to the library on a regular basis.

The study goes on to say that those who go the library most often tend to be more active in their community, know their neighbors and participate in cultural activities. Frequent library visits are also associated with key life changes such as job hunting, having a child and researching for a school project.

At the opposite end, about 4% of Americans are disconnected not only from libraries, but from their neighbors and communities, technology and other information sources. They don’t read books on a regular basis or stay current with the news. While about a third of people in this group say a library’s closing would have a major impact on their community, one-quarter say it would have no impact at all.

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