Summer is a time for kids to play outside and make memories with their family. But with the extra freedom that summer brings, the potential dangers for kids increase. Here are a few safety tips to make certain kids are safe:

Stay Hydrated

With the sun blazing down during summer, your kids should be well hydrated at all times. Make sure children are drinking more water than usual to go along with the increasing temperatures.

Pool Safety

Always keep an eye on your kids when they are playing in or around water! If your children cannot touch the bottom of the pool, place a life vest or water wings on them to keep them afloat. Supervising kids while they are around water will ease your mind, while keeping them out of trouble.

Play Outdoors in the Morning

The sun isn’t as hot in the early morning as it is between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Avoid peak sun time by having your kids playing outside before the temperature rises.)

Wear Sunscreen

Because children spend so much time outside and under the summer sun, the chance of getting sunburn dramatically increases. Cover kids with an SPF 50 or 60 sunscreen to assure a sunburn-free summer.

Cover Up

Because sunscreen can wash off, it’s also a good idea to keep kids covered up by having them wear hats and other protective clothing while outside. Ultraviolet rays can also burn a child’s eyes; protect children with sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light.

Bug Spray

Pesky bugs always come out on hot days and nights. Prevent bug bites by spraying insect repellant all over your kids when they are playing outside. Look for insect repellant containing DEET.

Road Rules

Road trips are a fun addition to summertime. Make sure your kids are wearing seatbelts at all times. Kids under the age of 13 should be sitting in the backseat as well. With all the activities happening, traveling safely is an important factor during the summer months.

Bike Protection

While biking is a favorite activity of children during summer months, injuries can sometimes occur when riding a bike. Make sure your child always wears a helmet and knee pads to ease a fall. Don’t let skinned knees ruin your child’s summer fun.

Summer is a time for getting outdoors and being active. Keep in mind these safety tips and you’ll have a fun, injury-free summer!