We live in a beautiful area of Arizona. The Coconino National Forest is right in our own backyard. Among the trees and wonderful landscape lies the perfect place to plan a staycation. Get outside and see what lessons the great outdoors has planned for you. From setting up camp (teaches teamwork!), to making a fire (teaches science!), to hiking (learn about exercise!) there are so many things you can take in from a simple camping adventure.

Here are a few more fun learning activities you can experience from a simple camping staycation:

  • Finding constellations in our beautiful clear sky helps you learn about the fascinating subject of astronomy.
  • By studying the outdoors, learn environmental awareness and nature appreciation.
  • Wandering around, you can observe the different types of trees and plant life that exist.
  • Birdwatching and animal tracks teach you about wildlife and different species of animals.

Fresh air, amazing scenery, glimpses of wildlife, vast starlit nights. Nature delivers a full-on educational experience! It may take only one meteor bolting across the sky to persuade any young adventurer-in-the-making that camping is cool.

Not only will an outdoor excursion be an excellent excuse to turn off the TV or computer for an extended period, it will also make for a great family bonding experience.

P.S. We know it’s still been a bit chilly outside. If the weather is too cold for you, get creative and camp indoors!