Late in 2014, the Arizona State Board of Education adopted Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT) as the new statewide standardized testing. The new exam system will be given to 3rd grade through high school students in April and will replace the AIMS test in reading, writing and math.

We wanted to answer some questions that have come up so everyone is aware and on the same page as we adapt to this important change in education.

Why a new test?

Over the past few years the Arizona State Board of Education has adopted new standards in English language arts and mathematics. These standards outline what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level. Over time, these standards have shown to be far more rigorous than previous ones.

The board decided a new test was needed to better assess today’s educational goals and help students thrive. AzMERIT will help prepare students for future learning and prep them for college and career experiences. The new tests will be aligned to what is being taught in our classrooms and will help our students get on track to succeed.

How is AzMERIT different from AIMS?

  • AzMERIT is more academically demanding than AIMS.
  • AzMERIT tests students to ensure that curriculum, lessons and learning reflect the new higher educational standards.
  • AzMERIT will give better feedback about each student and what academics they are strong in, then help create a plan to strengthen their weaknesses.
  • AzMERIT test scores can be compared with other states to measure how well Arizona students are doing on a national level.
  • The AzMERIT test will be primarily computer based, though schools not yet ready to administer a computer-based test will have the option of a paper-based test.

Who will take AzMERIT?

Arizona students in grades 3 through 12 will take AzMERIT. Grades 3 through 8 will take a spring assessment in English language arts and math at their grade level. Grades 4 and 8 will still take the AIMS science test because science standards did not change.

If you have more questions, please feel free to talk with your student’s teacher about our upcoming AzMERIT assessments. Together we will make sure all students are receiving a beneficial education and are on track for success.