This holiday season Heritage Elementary School, your Glendale charter school, is holding our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 24. This event is free for all students, as well as friends, family, and community members, who are also invited to share in this delicious meal prepared by parent volunteers and teachers.

Beginning on Monday, November 9, we will be accepting donations for the Thanksgiving Feast. As with previous years, we have designated items for each grade level to provide. We invite all our families to participate either via donation or signing up to help prepare the meal, or both, if you are able.

  • Kindergarten – Boxed Mashed Potatoes
  • 1st Grade – Canned Corn
  • 2nd Grade – Canned Green Beans
  • 3rd Grade – Drinks
  • 4th Grade – Boxed Stuffing
  • 5th Grade – Rolls
  • 6th Grade – Canned Cranberry Sauce
  • 7th & 8th Grades – Pies (not frozen)

Helping Kids Give Back

During the holidays we are often reminded about the gift of giving back to the community at large, or those around us in need of a little extra consideration and care. Encourage kids to be a good neighbor in your own neighborhood, in your community, or in the world, or through volunteering with local non-profits, like the animal shelter or local food bank.

Just remember, it is important to involve your child from start to finish. Let them join the discussion about how to give back this holiday season, and allow your child to take on age-appropriate, active roles. It will give them more investment in the activity and allow them to gain more from it. After all, the holidays, and annual traditions, can help shape a child’s lifelong values.