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At Heritage Elementary School in Glendale, we believe that high-quality early childhood education is essential for a strong academic foundation that advocates lifelong learning. Full-day kindergarten programs allow youngsters to develop strong academic, social, and emotional skills. Additionally, children who participate in full-day kindergarten demonstrate better reading and math skills than those in half-day programs, and these students show higher retention and lower dropout rates throughout their academic careers.

Any students that are the age of 5 by September 1st can enroll for kindergarten classes.

That’s why, at Heritage Elementary School, we feel it’s important to provide:

FREE full-day Kindergarten

FREE full-day Kindergarten

FREE breakfast program

FREE breakfast program

FREE before- and after-school care

FREE before- and after-school care, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., every school day

Heritage Elementary School Kindergarten

Giving Students a Great Start

Heritage Elementary School kindergarten can give your child the best start in his or her education. Heritage Elementary School has all the benefits of a private school education—small classrooms, highly qualified teachers, a rigorous academic and values-based curriculum—without the prohibitive tuition. Our kindergarteners attend school for a full day at no extra cost, better preparing them for further classroom involvement. You can send your child to school confident that they will be part of an engaging and challenging learning environment and that their needs, whatever they may be, will be met by our attentive, caring, and knowledgeable teachers, administrators, and staff.

The school also offers enrolled students free before- and after-school care and a free breakfast program (details are in the Student Handbook).

Heritage Elementary School Kindergarten Curriculum

Our kindergarteners, like all of our other students, are educated in core subject areas with grade-level-appropriate content. At Heritage Elementary School in Glendale, we implement a rigorous academic curriculum, which aligns with the Arizona State Standards. Below are some of the main topics studied in each subject area in Heritage Elementary School kindergarten.

Language Arts

Phonics; choral reading; listening to literature, music, and poetry; oral communication; following and giving directions; paraphrasing and summarizing; speaking and relating experiences in complete sentences; correct speech habits; and writing words.


Simple counting; concepts of more, less, and the same; meaning of addition and subtraction; numbers and numerals; correspondence of quantities; estimation; basic geometry (shapes); calendar and clock; money denominations; basic problem-solving; and basic charts and graphs.


Common animals and plants; interrelationships of animals and plants; farm animals; plants that are alike and different; care of pets; weather and seasons; temperature; colors; senses; sun, moon, Earth, stars, planets; and simple measurement.

Social Studies

Meanings of holidays and traditions; family, home, school, and community roles; work and jobs; basic human needs as well as awareness of others; and safety rules and symbols.

Health and Safety

Personal hygiene; healthy eating habits; grooming and caring for teeth; physical fitness; and safety to and from school.

Character Education

Heritage Elementary School Glendale’s unique character education program fosters students’ academic and personal growth by implementing important values like trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Now Enrolling!

To enroll your child in kindergarten at Heritage Elementary School, you’ll need:

  • Birth certificate (kindergarteners must be 5 years old prior to September 1)
    • If your child is not 5 by September 1 – we have a preschool that can welcome your child until they are old enough for our kinder program
  • Immunization records (all shots must be current)
  • Registration, emergency medical, and first aid forms (available at the school)
  • Proof of Arizona residency (i.e., a utility bill or lease agreement)
  • Picture ID of parent or guardian

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