Free Bus Transportation

Heritage Elementary School offers FREE bus transportation for students to and from school! Bus service is just one of several Heritage resources—along with our free before- and after-school care and free breakfast program—which we want to continue to provide in order to help our students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Although the bus system remains one of the biggest expenses to our charter school (we receive no grants, federal or state funds for buses), we feel that offering transportation helps to ease that burden for many busy parents. The continued need for bus service at Heritage was confirmed by parent survey feedback.

For these reasons, we will offer students FREE transportation to and from school (parents would normally be required to pay $5 per month for the service). We want to accommodate our families as much as possible, and this is something that we are happily able to provide this year. The free service will transport Heritage students to school from any bus stop along our routes, or any route that might open up in the future, and from the school back to the bus stop. 

Parents who have already paid for bus transportation for the upcoming school year will be reimbursed by check, which will be mailed to them.  We’re pleased that we can provide a high-quality education in a private school environment, tuition free, with programs offered beyond those of other public schools. We’re also very proud of our Heritage bus drivers. All of our drivers are Arizona Department of Public Safety certified school bus drivers and pass mandatory tests on a regular basis. They make sure our kids are safe and secure during transit.


Parents, if you have any questions or concerns about our bus service, feel free to call Marvin Anderson, our Transportation Director, at (623) 742-3956 ext. 777, or complete the following form.