Building a Solid Foundation for Every Child

Heritage Elementary School is a tuition-FREE, not-for-profit K-8 charter school in Glendale providing an exceptional educational environment which focuses on incredible academics, community involvement, and family values.

As a charter school, Heritage adheres to the same major laws and regulations as all other public schools. The major difference between charter and public schools is that charter schools have the freedom to set their own rules with regard to curriculum and teaching styles. Heritage Elementary, like many charter schools, was designed to deliver programs tailored to educational excellence and the needs of the community it serves.

The mission of Heritage Elementary School is to impart the best in traditional education set in the technology of the day. Heritage will prepare students with phonics reading skills, critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning skills, and the ability to become life-long learners and productive citizens in a world of diverse cultures.

Heritage provides kindergarten through 8th grade education with an emphasis on character, as well as academics. Character education is presented in ways which allow students to learn responsibility and respect for self and others, and that effective work yields rewards. Life skills are taught in cause-and-effect relationships. In addition, quality reading skills are developed through intensive phonics, math skills are emphasized, and computer technology is blended into effective learning. Teachers and staff are committed to each student.

Heritage also emphasizes the importance of parents in the education of their children. For this reason, parents of Heritage Elementary School students are encouraged to sign a compact whereby they agree to take an active role in the education of their child and, to the best of their abilities, participate in school activities.

If you would like to learn more about Heritage Elementary School, please call our front office at (623) 742-3956.