Keeping students safe is the most important job the teachers and staff at Heritage Elementary have. To that end, we work closely with Rural Metro fire department, local police and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Over the years, many firefighters and police officers have visited our school, talking to students on a variety of topics, even using our campus as a training site.

Additionally, we have fire drills and lockdown drills so that, should an emergency situation ever arise, students will be prepared and know how to calmly and confidently respond.

Recently, on the day of a fire drill, Principal Dye held a Q&A assembly for students in grades 1-5, answering any and all questions on safety. Rural Metro firefighters did the same with the kindergartners, and then assisted in the fire drill.

We plan on working with sheriff’s deputies in much the same way for our upcoming lockdown drills.

We feel that good communication and open conversations on safety are key to our students’ well-being. All of us at Heritage are privileged to be a part of your children’s lives, and we take keeping them safe very seriously.