When you think about it, most (if not all) schools have a dress code. In many schools it is just a long list of what NOT to wear. But such lists can be hard to interpret and labor-intensive to enforce.

Here are some good reasons that we have standardized school clothing:

  • Less distracting/focus is on academics
  • Creates a serious/professional school atmosphere
  • Eliminates disrespectful images or messages
  • Eliminates too-revealing styles
  • Levels the playing field among socio-economic groups
  • Enhances school pride/representation of the school

Here are some reasons that many parents like our dress code:

  • Reduces stress of selecting clothes in the morning
  • Eliminates stress of shopping for “appropriate” school clothing

Sometimes students argue that standardized dress interferes with “personal expression.” But we would like to suggest that clothing is not the best way to express oneself, especially at school. Try personal expression through top-notch academic performance or through athletic or artistic excellence. You can express yourself through service projects that reflect your unique passions or interests. You can express yourself through being an example of our core values.

This is a good opportunity to remind our families of our dress code:

  • Red, white or navy blue polo shirts
  • Khaki or navy blue pants, shorts or skirts
  • NO SKINNY cut pants or shorts
  • Solid navy, red or white sweaters may be worn indoors
  • Other outerwear may be worn outdoors

Remember: hoodies that meet the dress code are on sale in the front office, as are uniform shirts.

Thank you for all the ways you help make Heritage a place of learning!