Parents SSgt Jordan Cook and Sarah Cook share their daughter’s first experience in school at Heritage―from the bus ride to the classroom to aftercare.

“Dear Principal Dye,

I just wanted to let you know that we have been incredibly impressed with Heritage Charter School. Our daughter’s (Sadie Cook) kindergarten teacher, Ms. Ashley is an example of what all teachers should strive to be. I can tell how much she loves her job and the students. I particularly like how she allows the kindergarteners time to socialize, while still providing an incredible base for education and building a love of learning. I could tell when Sadie had a substitute, who perhaps didn’t have as much education regarding child development, because of how she would behave when she got home. Ms. Ashley has found the perfect balance of kindness and control of the classroom. I am also incredibly impressed with how much progress her ESL students have made since the beginning of our time at Heritage! The patience and understanding that Ms. Ashley has shown is worthy of recognition. I couldn’t have hoped for a better teacher for my daughter’s first experience in school. My husband & I enjoyed going to the school dance, parade and the zoo! I like Ms. Ashley as a person and enjoy her company, and am grateful for these experiences. Please continue to hire and value such wonderful teachers/employees. I wish she could have finished her school year at Heritage.

Mr. Chris, her bus driver, has also played a tremendous role in our experience with Heritage Elementary. I’ve been a stay at home mom with her since she was born. I was incredibly reluctant to allow my daughter to ride the bus (due to the incident that happened at another school, which I’m sure you are aware of.) However, our schedule changed and I found myself having to choose between that or removing her from school. Chris even changed his route so that he could pick up and drop Sadie off right in front of our house. I was extremely grateful that I was able to contact him via text at any time. He put my fears at ease with his good-natured kindness. He told me about how one day when he and Melissa had to switch buses, Sadie told him “You’ve helped us, but who will you?” This is just one example of how trustworthy and kind Mr. Chris is. All the children on Sadie’s bus were smiling and in good spirits everyday. Sadie truly enjoyed her experience with riding the bus to school, and I knew she was safely in good hands with Mr. Chris.

The staff in after school care and the school health/nurses have also been excellent. Every injury was immediately reported to me and handled with care and knowledge. The after school program makes it much easier on families who need extra help (in our case we only have one vehicle) or have work schedules that prevent them from being available earlier.

I also love the way that Heritage Charter School handles its needs by bringing the community together. I personally am of the opinion that it is detrimental to education when students are forced to act as little salespeople, selling chocolate and the like. I think the $1 regular clothes Wednesdays and other “thinking outside of the box” types of fundraising are far superior to piling extra time-consuming “work” on the students.

I have recommended Heritage Charter School to many people. I know that at least one person changed their child’s school and is much happier with Heritage. If we weren’t moving, I would be keeping my daughter at Heritage. Thank you and all of the staff for providing such an excellent introduction to education for my daughter. I continue to inform friends of mine about this exceptional school.

With Gratitude,
SSgt Jordan Cook and Sarah Cook”