There are too few occasions in which parents can have fun with their children while teaching them valuable life lessons. October 28 will be one of those opportunities.

Frankenstein Friday has been celebrated on the last Friday in October since 1997. Not only has it become a day that kicks off all the festivities which go along with Halloween, but it’s also used by many parents to familiarize children with the classic novel, Frankenstein, and to discuss the important themes of the story.

While it was written in 1818 by the 21-year-old Mary Shelley, it’s a timeless story that teaches lessons on tempering knowledge with wisdom, explores the qualities that make us human, and examines a society which is often unjust. The story is also a contemporary cautionary tale about the result of a new technology’s intrusion into modern life.

Of course, Frankenstein Friday is also an opportune time to scare your kids with a good monster story and perhaps watch the 1931 film classic starring Boris Karloff, although there are certainly many film variations on this classic tale. Frankenstein makes an appearance in everything from Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman and The Bride of Frankenstein to Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein.

You can also celebrate by getting the whole family involved in making Frankenstein cookies or a cake, or have a Frankenstein costume contest amongst family members. There are several websites you can explore which provide even more craft and recipe ideas.

No matter how you choose to pay homage to the world’s first monster story, make this year’s Frankenstein Friday a day your children will remember.