Help our school and help your child win an iPad!

A fundraiser for the most fun classes
Special classes are important. They’re a reward when students are doing well and a motivator when they need a boost. Arts develop imagination, music teaches perseverance, computers are the future, PE keeps them healthy. These fun, enriching classes need your help.

The most fun prizes
Students will be selling coupon cards for McDonald’s. Students can enter to win an iPad, squirt Principal Dye with ketchup and mustard, and for the student who sells the most cards, to be “Principal for a Day.” For the teacher whose class sells the most cards, we’re giving away a trip to San Diego and $100!

Make sure your family and friends can join the “fun-raiser”!
Thank you for your help and encouragement for your child!

Contest runs September 8th – 19th
Winners announced September 23rd

Please call the front office, (623) 742-3956, or email for questions or additional cards.

Download the flyer