Is your child struggling with their homework? Do some of the concepts he is learning in class just not seem to gel? Has her teacher told you she needs tutoring?

As a parent, it is normal to want to help your child be successful. If they are struggling in school, there are myriad options available to them thrive academically.

While several online tutoring services exist, sometimes the fees involved can be restrictive. That’s where the local library comes into play.

Students in the Tucson/Pima County area can access homework help at local branches and online, through Brainfuse, which is accessed using their library card. Glendale Public Libraries also offer homework help and tutoring from certified tutors via the Brainfuse program, though accessed from a different internal link.

The Maricopa County Library uses a different system, but offers homework help to students through their Kids’ Catalog. Phoenix Public Library also offers useful e-resources to assist children with homework, projects, and reading.

Additionally, the Arizona Department of Education provides homework help links in its Resource Center, breaking them up by subjects and topics.

While many of these resources do require internet access, most local libraries have computers available for use during their hours of operation. Check with your local branch for details.