October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, making it the perfect time for all of us—students, teachers and parents—to raise awareness and focus on being drug free! During Red Ribbon Week, we will be having all sorts of activities to show our support in saying no to drugs or alcohol.

Here’s just a few of the exciting things that will take place:

  • In honor of Red Ribbon Week, Officer Willie Jackson from the Glendale Police Department will be on campus giving anti-drug presentations.
  • The Title I department will be holding a bake sale Thursday, October 16th, in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week.
  • We are entering the 2014 Red Ribbon Photo contest to try and win our school an iPad and $1,000! You can enter, too, by clicking here.

Stopping substance abuse before it begins can increase a person’s chances of living a longer, healthier and more productive life. Our theme during Red Ribbon Week is “Love Yourself: Be Drug Free,” which is exactly what we want to teach our students.