Hello Heritage Parents! We hope you and your kids are enjoying a safe and happy summer so far. If you’re looking for a little something to help keep the kids occupied and at the same time get their brains going as we move into summer break, try this simple summer writing project.

Encourage your kids to try writing a Summer Break Blog or keeping a Summer Fun Journal. Have them record the exciting adventures they have and new experiences they encounter. Challenge them. Suggest they write about a book they’ve read in the same voice as the narrator of the story; have them tell their family vacation story in a humorous or suspenseful tone; let them document something new they try each week as if they’re teaching someone else, whether it’s a recipe they attempt, a sport they learn, or a craft they create. Help them include pictures, too. At the end of the summer, review what they’ve written with them. Did summer break go as expected? How have they changed over the break? Now your kids have stories to tell when they see their friends at school again in the fall, or when their teacher asks what they did over the summer. Plus, they keep up their writing skills and have an extra reason to battle summer boredom and get creative!