Arizonans are typically familiar with their environment—both the dangers and the wonders—though sometimes residents can be so comfortable in their desert home that they can forget or overlook the little behaviors and habits, which can prove to be real lifesavers.

In honor of summer break, here are some stellar summer safety resources in hopes of making this vacation memorable for all the right reasons.

  1. The City of Glendale, Arizona has a comprehensive page called Operation Safe Summer, which includes information on staying safe in the heat and water, as well as monsoon season safety tips. This page also has a special School’s Out! Safety Tips section designed to help families keep children safe over the break.
  2. With temperatures rising and already kissing the 100-degree mark, heat safety should be a priority. The Arizona Department of Health Services has a comprehensive page dedicated to this topic and heat-related illnesses, which is a valuable resource for Arizona natives, transplants, and visitors alike. With crucial reminders, like drinking water and limiting exposure to heat, this page pairs tips for staying healthy in the summer with signs and symptoms to watch out for.
  3. Arizona 211 Community Information and Referral Services gathered a collection of articles on summer safety and recreation. This list is unique in that it also includes information on summer food and heat relief programs available in the state.
  4. Are you planning a road or day trip this summer? Arizona Department of Public Safety hosts a pair of pages you might want to peruse as part of your preparations. These tips for driving in extreme heat could prove useful in the event of a breakdown or unexpected traffic, whether from road work/construction or just thick commuter traffic in cities. They also have a more general Travel Tips article that covers other road hazards drivers are likely to come across.

This summer, protect yourself and your child in Arizona’s extreme outdoor temperatures by using common sense and being prepared.

Have a wonderful and safe summer break!