Summer break has now come to its bittersweet end. School resumed on the Heritage Elementary Glendale Campus on Monday, July 28th, and the time to make the 2014-15 school year productive has arrived.

A key preparation for starting a new school year should be getting your children organized. Teachers and staff at Heritage Elementary are already prepared and ready to go with the years plans. Now is the time for parents and students to all be on the same path.

Being organized does not always guarantee family harmony or academic success for your children, but it certainly cannot hurt. A smooth back-to-school transition does provide an opportunity for success as the school year unfolds before your children each day.

Here are tips to better your children’s success for the new school year:

  1. Motivate them to attend school every day. They will miss out if they are not there.
  2. Help them to feel comfortable asking their teachers questions about their schoolwork.
  3. Encourage them to pay attention in class and always try their best.
  4. Activate homework after school each day. Everyone needs practice in order to achieve more.

It’s important to stand behind your child during their education and help give them the comradery they need to accomplish success.

To request more information about the Heritage Glendale Campus, click here and fill out a short form. A school administrator will contact you. As an Arizona charter school, Heritage Elementary accepts all students through open enrollment.

Heritage Elementary is committed to developing well-rounded, healthy students and community members through small class sizes and individualized attention. In addition to learning math, science, reading, writing, social studies and the arts, our students learn the importance of being good people and good citizens.