Career day can a be great resource for helping children develop informed opinions about their futures. Kids begin forming career aspirations as early as elementary school, and according to some research, some adults find themselves in the career they decided on before they turned 12. Programs like career day offer children a variety of choices—both, familiar and potentially unknown—and often include information like the skills needed and methods of joining certain careers.

Presenters at career day programs can often ignite a child’s imagination and spark a desire to follow a well-loved idea or forge a brand new path.

Career Day for the Falcons

Later this month, April 29 to be exact, Glendale charter school, Heritage Elementary, will be hosting our Career Day. Speakers will visit classrooms in pairs for a more intimate and engaging conversation with students about the occupations.

We would like to invite parents, family, friends, and community members to join us as speakers for this event. No matter your career, we are confident that your participation could interest and inspire our students. If you are interested in participating, please email Danielle at:

Career Day Presentation Tips

  1. Preparing will make your presentation a better experience for students as well as yourself.
  2. Your presentation should introduce students to your career or the types of careers in your field, and inspire excitement.
  3. Informing students of the skills and knowledge needed in that field can help them make a better determination, as can explaining the steps involved in joining that career.
  4. Creating opportunities for dialogue and interaction in your presentation will engage students and help them learn more.
  5. When you’re preparing, try to think of ways you can foster interaction with the students.
  6. Relatable stories can also help students get a feel for your profession.

For more information about making career day presentations to students of all ages, check out this PDF from the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, which shared a great collection of slides with tips, questions, and ideas for career day presenters.

Prefer Not to Present

We realize not everyone’s schedule or preferences include the desire or ability to present at school. Since you might also like to share in the Career Day fun with your child, we’ve assembled some printables and other resources you can share or complete with him or her at home.

“Career Day” by The Bazillions is a catchy ditty dedicated to the familiar question of “what do you want to be when you grow up.” The Careers Are Everywhere! activity workbook by the Texas Workforce Commission includes pages and pages of career-related activities aimed at elementary school children. The Bureau of Labor Statistics K-12 Students Page includes activities, resources, and a timeline of events in the history of the BLS. There are also videos, FAQs, and teachers’ resources as well. Or you could head over to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ site and discover how your child can get their own lab coat when they grow up.

This Career Exploration site has a wealth of career-focused resources that might inspire you and your child, while the Kids Work! website proves to be an enlightening and interactive way to explore workplaces in a virtual community. It includes histories of certain vocations, interviews with real people in related careers, and job play activities. This page also includes coloring pages as well.

We’re also linking to a fun school careers crossword activity, which you can print and complete at home.