As everyone knows, our big enrollathon/carnival event is March 20th. The flyer asked you to invite someone to come see what Heritage has to offer. This raises an interesting principle that private schools have known for a long time: current families are important marketers of the school. This applies to charter schools, too because families choose us.

The school tries hard to spread the word about how great Heritage is. But as important is the fact that parents listen to other parents, and kids listen to other kids. Word of mouth is vital and an event like the enrollathon/carnival is a perfect opportunity to introduce someone new to our community.

Help us build enrollment. Invite someone to come have a fun-filled, celebration-packed, informative night on our beautiful campus. Introduce your guest to our wonderful teachers and other parents. Be the perfect tour guide! Families who feel welcome and witness the amazing community we have at HES will want to enroll their children! And, as always, thanks for everything you do to make HES Glendale such a special place.

Download Flyer for New Students
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