Goal Setting for the School Year

Goal setting not only helps children achieve personal goals and milestones, it can be an effective tool in encouraging and securing academic success for your child.

Free- and Reduced-Lunch Program Applications Now Available

Every year families need to reapply for the free- and reduced-lunch program. These applications can benefit you and your family by determining the eligibility of your child(ren) to receive their lunches for free or at a reduced rate. They benefit the school, because Title I federal funding is determined based on the information reported on these forms. Completing these forms benefit all involved—lower costs for you and your family, and funding for the school that supports special programs and enrichment for students.

Meet the Teacher Night Coming Up

On July 22, from 5-7 p.m., we’re asking all students and parents to join us for our Meet the Teacher Night. You’ll be able to see the campus and classrooms, meet classmates and other families, as well as your child’s teacher. In addition, important information you’ll need for the start of the school year will be provided that night. See you there.

Fun for Staying in During the Summer

Summer gives students a break from the endless math facts and book reports during the school year, but there is still more learning to be done. Here are some tips on how to escape the summer heat and have fun indoors, while sneaking in some learning and family fun.

Congratulations, Falcons!

Heritage Elementary Schools, in Glendale and Williams, have had their charters renewed by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools for another fifteen years. We look forward to continuing to serve the children and families of Arizona. Heritage Elementary: building a strong foundation for every child.

Summer Safety Spectacular

Arizonans are typically familiar with their environment—both the dangers and the wonders—though sometimes residents can be so comfortable in their desert home that they can forget or overlook the little behaviors and habits, which can prove to be real lifesavers.

Summer Guide to Glendale for Parents

While summertime might be considered the “off-season” for some who call Glendale, and the Phoenix Metro Area home, not all the area’s residents move with the seasons. And, as the temperatures rise, so do the opportunities for some cherished family time.

Summer is on the Horizon

The last day of school is fast approaching, for that reason we wanted to make everyone aware of the amazing opportunities we have planned for the summer.