Month: July 2017

Open House Meet and Greet

Parents and students are invited to Heritage’s Open House Meet and Greet on Tuesday, August 1, from 12 to 4 p.m. Come to meet your student’s new teacher, see their new classroom, and drop off school supplies.

Preparing for the Start of School

As a new academic year begins, students start school with new goals, opportunities, and challenges. After a few months of vacation, it may be difficult for children to get back into school mode. Here are some ways parents can help their kids transition from summer break into the school routine.

Managing Your Child’s Mobile Device

Other than perhaps pagers in the 1990s, it’s difficult to think of any product designed for adults which has become as ubiquitous among kids as mobile devices have become. (Tell your kids about pagers. It’ll make them laugh.) Smartphones—and, to a lesser extent, tablets—are a necessity in most children’s lives.