Month: August 2014

Giving our teachers a pat on the back

If you ask your child what makes him or her successful at our school, he or she will probably tell you about our excellent teachers. What students take away from a successful education usually centers around a strong connection with teachers who inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Fun-Raising Fundraiser

Help our school and help your child win an iPad!

A fundraiser for the most fun classes
Special classes are important. They’re a reward when students are doing well and a motivator when they need a boost. Arts develop imagination, music teaches perseverance, computers are the future, PE keeps them healthy. These fun, enriching classes need your help.

Teach and Enrich: Our plan to utilize Beyond Textbooks

This year, Heritage is proud to begin using Beyond Textbooks. As Common Core standards are further implemented across the state, we are rising to meet the challenge. We want to help our students succeed by introducing this innovative program.