Month: November 2015

The Red Planet: 50 Years of Successful Mars Exploration

Mars regained the world’s attention this fall, with recent news of the discovery of liquid water on the planet and a new blockbuster film set on Earth’s nearest neighbor, The Martian. This is a timely moment to focus on Red Planet Day, November 28.

Celebrate the fourth planet from our solar system’s sun with our series of blogs discussing general information about Mars, some of the more than 40 space missions humans have launched to study the planet, a section on the future of Mars and plans for manned missions to the planet, and concluding with links to fiction and non-fiction on Mars.

Understanding AzMERIT Scores

AzMERIT score reports will be sent home by November 30. The following brief video can help you understand scoring, results, and proficiency levels, which are significantly different than what you may have grown accustomed to seeing with the AIMS test. This video also offers guidelines for increasing English Language Arts (ELA) and Math proficiency through communication, shared goals, progress checks, and everyday learning opportunities.

A Heritage Falcon Thanksgiving

This holiday season Heritage Elementary School, your Glendale charter school, is holding our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 24. This event is free for all students, as well as friends, family, and community members, who are also invited to share in this delicious meal prepared by parent volunteers and teachers.