Month: August 2018

Important Information Regarding Tax Credits

Proposed federal tax regulations may forbid a federal tax deduction for any donations made which also qualify for state tax credits, if the credit is more than 15% of the total donated. Recent changes in federal tax laws, have increased the standard deduction allowed when filing taxes for 2018, which will also reduce the number of taxpayers who will itemize their deductions. The new standard deduction amounts for taxpayers are:

A Letter to Parents Regarding Heritage’s Attendance Policy

To get the most out of their education, it’s important that children attend school every day; it’s also the law. Read the Heritage attendance policy to be certain that, due to excessive absences, your child is not considered habitually truant, which could result in penalties for parents and students.

Kids and Phones: How to Know When and What to Buy

Does your child have a cell phone? The odds are the answer is “Yes.” Statistics show that 56 percent of children 8-12 have a cell phone. It’s difficult to think of a product or technology, designed for adults, that was so quickly and ubiquitously co-opted by kids. Of course, Mom and Dad have to buy the phones and pay the bills, but cell phones have become a necessity in many kids’ lives.

Vote in Student Council Elections

Elections for Student Council will take place on August 16, which will include an assembly. Student Council members are the voice of Heritage students, so vote for the person you want representing you.

Show Your Falcon Spirit!

Try out for Heritage Volleyball or Flag Football, August 6-8, 3:30-5 p.m. and show the world your Heritage Falcon spirit.